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I'm from a small, rural town located in the Midwest. I like to say I began my training journey as an athlete but even as a youngster, I was always on the go. I was a one sport athlete - volleyball - all through high school. I felt I needed to focus solely on one sport, to truly succeed and excel at my skillset. After high school, I was then blessed enough to play volleyball at the collegiate level. I then discovered that everything about college sports, was a whooole new game! 


Training was more specific and available, competition was higher, and the work to come out on top was definitely a lot harder. My body was not used to the wear and tear it received, in order to keep up! I adopted the use of heat before games and ice after. Little did I know that investing my time in a regular training routine and healthier eating habits, would change it all. I discovered how much performance training and coaching could improve my overall game and body - both mentally and physically. Training to keep up with the demand of the game, was life changing in many ways! 












It was from my given opportunity to play at the collegiate level, where I became hooked on the science and benefits of health & fitness. All of the training and hard work became something I enjoyed and wanted to learn more about. 


Fast-forward. In 2012 I receive my Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science with a minor in Nutrition. I then went on to receive three years of course work at the Master of Science level in Strength and Conditioning. 


Throughout the 10 years of my fitness profession, I have worked with all ages and fitness levels. I can say there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing others conquer and succeed. My commitment to others health is what I live for through my training! I want to be able to offer my clients, friends and family the best of the best! Support. Guidance. Education. Programming. 



Hiking, running, walking, driving, etc. Anything that is going to offer beautiful views - both new and old - fuels my sole! 


All three of us LOVE the great outdoors. We truly enjoy doing anything that gets us moving and outside. It's definitely in our blood!
Pictured above is my husband Justin, our boy Navy, and me.

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